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Getting help and helping out

Website documentation and user manual

This website is intended to describe Xournal++ and its features reasonably well and complete, so that the average user can find out how Xournal++ works. We are working on completing its content. The website will replace the (rather incomplete) User manual on the Github repository. More technical questions (like how to build Xournal++ from source, or how to check out a pull request) that are relevant for technically more advanced users will still be presented in the Github wiki.

Github discussions

Our place for discussing all kind of matters related to Xournal++ is Github discussions. This should be helpful for:

  • Asking questions about features
  • Sharing tips and tricks with other members of the community
  • Finding out what other people are using Xournal++ for
  • Getting help with installation or setting up a feature
  • etc.

We hope to grow our community knowledge base here.

Github issue tracker

Use the issue tracker on the Github repository to report bugs and propose enhancements/new features. Please check beforehand if the same bug has already been reported or the same enhancement has already been suggested. If so, use the existing ticket to add additional information or suggest improvements. This will make it easier for us to keep everything under control. Duplicates will usually be closed rapidly, but it always takes time to find them, which the develeopers would prefer to invest in coding and improving the documentation. Issues that are resolved will be closed as well. Open questions are better discussed on Github discussions.

Gitter and Matrix channels

If you want to discuss some topic related to Xournal++ in chat mode, you may find someone to talk with in the Gitter channel or in the Matrix channel.

The Crowdin project

Our translations are managed in the Crowdin project. If you would like to contribute, create an account and start contributing. While some languages like English, German and Italian are basically complete, most other languages still need more work. If you are interested in translating a new language, ask the project maintainers on Gitter or create a new issue and they will unlock the language on Crowdin.

Github pull requests

If you want to contribute to the codebase of Xournal++ you may create a pull request on Github. Once the pull request is ready for review, one of the developer team will review it, suggest changes if necessary or accept/decline the pull request. If you plan some feature, that has not been requested in the issue tracker yet, better open an issue there first, so you know whether your work will be appreciated.