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Working With PDF Files

Xournal++ supports various features for annotating on top of PDF files.

The main way to interact with an external PDF file is to use the PDF file as the background of a journal.

Setting a PDF file as a background

To create a new journal that uses a PDF file as a background, you can use the menu option File > Annotate PDF or File > Open. This will open a dialog that will allow you to select a PDF file, and then it will create a new journal with that PDF file as the background.


Xournal++ currently stores the journal file (.xopp) separately from the PDF file. When you save a journal file, the absolute path of the PDF file will be stored in the .xopp file. This means that if you move the .xopp file to another computer, or if you move the PDF to another location, Xournal++ will not be able to find your background PDF. When this happens, opening the journal file will lead to Xournal++ prompting you to either identify the new location of your PDF or select a new one.

To work around this problem, you can use the PDF attach mode as described below.

There are future plans to introduce a "bundled" file format that stores the journal and the PDF file in the same file. For more information, see this issue on our issue tracker.

Attach mode

If you use File > Annotate PDF to create a new journal, you can check the Attach file to the journal checkbox to enable "attach mode". When attach mode is enabled for a journal, the PDF file will always be copied to the same directory as the .xopp file when saving, even if the .xopp file is moved. Futhermore, the journal file will store a relative path to the PDF file.

Together, this means that you can savely "move" a .xopp file that has a PDF background as long as you ensure that you "move" the file using File > Save As!


In Xournal++ 1.1.1 and older, there was a bug where attach mode settings would not be remembered when loading. This bug has been fixed in Xournal++ 1.1.2.

If the PDF file contains a table of contents, the "Outline" tab of the sidebar will display the table of contents. Clicking on an entry in the "Outline" tab will jump the canvas to the corresponding page.

Relationship between the Journal and the PDF background

Due to the way Xournal++ works, there are several limitations on modifying journal pages or modifying the background PDF file:

  • Because Xournal++ treats the background PDF file separately, changing the background PDF file may cause annotations to "go out of sync" with the background PDF. For example, if pages are removed from the background PDF, then the journal file will still contain pages referencing the removed pages. Xournal++ will not delete the annotations on those pages, but the (removed) pages will no longer be rendered.
  • If pages are added to the background PDF file, Xournal++ will not automatically insert the newly added pages. The new pages must be inserted into the journal using the Journal > Append New PDF Pages menu option.

Searching for PDF Text

To search for text contained in a PDF background page, use Edit > Search or the keyboard shortcut CtrlF. This will open a prompt that will allow you to search for the given text on all PDF pages.

Interacting with PDF Pages


This feature is only available in the nightly version.

The PDF Toolbox feature can be used to interact with the background PDF pages. This feature is available through the following tools:

  • Select Linear PDF Text: select lines of text on the PDF
  • Select PDF Text in Rectangle: select text on the PDF using a rectangular cursor

For more information, see the PDF Tools page.

Exporting to PDF

The journal file and its PDF background can be exported in the usual way using the File > Export as PDF menu option.

Due to the way that Xournal++ deals with PDF files, there are several limitations on the export:

  • Once you export annotations to PDF format, the annotations in the PDF file cannot be edited. This is because the PDF format is not designed to be edited.
  • Xournal++'s PDF export does not preserve annotations that are built-in to the PDF file, such as pop-up notes and forms.
  • Xournal++ will not allow you to override the background PDF when you export. This is because overriding the background PDF will cause the annotations in the journal to become inconsistent with the actual contents of the (newly overridden) background PDF. For a more detailed discussion of this problem, see this issue.