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Notable Plugins

  • The QuickSnapshot Plugin uses an external screenshot tool, to quickly take a screen snapshot of a region of the screen and save it into a user specified file
  • The ToggleGrid Plugin provides a shortcut for toggling between "grid background with snapping to grid" and "plain background without snapping to grid"
  • The ColorCyclePlugin lets you cycle through a list of colors for the current tool by using the same accelerator repeatedly
  • The LayerActions Plugin provides shortcuts for cloning non-background layers to the next page, hiding all non-background layers except the footer layers and adding a new top layer on each page.
  • The MigrateFontSizes Plugin allows to scale font sizes across the document, both via the GUI and directly from the menu.
  • The HandwritingRecognition Plugin (work in progress) uses cloud-based handwriting recogntion to recognize handwritten text from a selection or page layer in a user-specified language.

If you build an interesting plugin that you would like to share, feel free to submit your PR!