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PDF Tools


This feature is only available in the nightly version.

The PDF tools can be used to interact with the background PDF.

PDF Toolbox

The PDF Toolbox provides various features for interacting with PDF pages. The toolbox is first activated using one of the tools described below, and then a popup window will show some actions that can be taken.

Selecting Text

There are two tools that can be used to select text on a PDF: Select Linear PDF Text and Select PDF Text in Rectangle.

The Select Linear PDF Text Tool Select Linear PDF Text Tool icon is used to select lines of text.

  • Click to start the selection, and drag the pen/mouse cursor to select text linearly. Release to finish the selection.
  • Double tap/click to select by lines.
  • Triple tap/click to select by paragraph.

The Select PDF Text in Rectangle Tool Select Linear PDF Text Tool icon is similar, except that it creates a selection rectangle such that all text contained in the rectangular region will be selected. Using double/triple selection with this tool will default to the behavior of the linear selection tool.

Interacting with Selected Text

Once text selection is finalized, a popup window with several actions will be shown.

  • The large button with the copy icon will copy the selected text to the clipboard.
  • The three buttons on the right side of the toolbox will create a stroke that (from top to bottom, respectively): 1) highlights the selected text; 2) underlines the selected text; 3) strikes through the selected text.
  • The button at the bottom left will toggle between linear selection and region selection.